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Offering up my collection...

Hey guys, I have a substantial amount of Arina Tanemura goods that I'd like to start taking offers on. I'm done with college and moving, so I could really use the money, and the space. So i'm taking offers on the items under the cut.

Feel free to ask me any questions or request additional pictures, as these are quite general.

All pictures are general, and some of the items mentioned cannot be clearly seen. I will take pictures for interested buyers. all items are in like new condition unless otherwise stated. This collection has simply been on display, out of natural sunlight, and well cared for.


Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne small hankercheifs


Items in the photo:

-KKJ travel toiletry bag: Includes a washcloth, portable toothbrush, and small hand mirror in the drawstring pouch.

-Ribon Diary: A furoku planner and calendar from 1999-2000

-Mini CD Single: Single for Piece of Love and Nightmare by Shanza. Includes original insert with lyrics and photos.

-Small KKJ figure, still has original box. ON HOLD

-Furoku paper items:
~Circus tissue holder
~Circus small box
~Small paper item that looks like a house. I'm not sure what the items function is.
~Astrology themed letter let: includes paper box, metallic seals, and punch out cards and paper.

-KKJ shitajiki/pencil board

- 4 KKJ trading cards

-Time Stranger Kyoko round sticker

-Time Stranger Kyoko 2 seal set

-Time Stranger Kyoko small plastic bag

-Time Stranger Kyoko furoku paper star container


Items in the Photo:

-KKJ cosplay rosary item

-KKJ dolls:
All come with original boxes, and all accessories and stands.

- KKJ electronic communicator: The batteries have died since I bought it, but can be replaced I will replace the batteries if the item is purchased. There were some simple games you could play on it, and it made some sounds. I bought this item without its box, so that is not included. Also good for a cosplay item.

-KKJ toy cell phone: Plastic toy cell phone with click dial to change screen image and a phone strap. Comes with original packaging which was carefully opened to look at the items.

- KKJ manga illustration trading cardscards

- KKJ card and envelope set. I am fairly sure they are either doujinshi or bootlegged from china.

- KKJ small digital watch: Flip cap watch in original packaging. Packaging has been carefully opened to look at item.

- KKJ candy toy item: Toy transformation device with spinning character images. Includes original box.


Items in photo:

- KKJ wristband and ball cosplay item. Has been carefully removed from package to look at item.

- Mask cosplay set: Small plastic mask and transformation item. Plastic items used for childrens cosplay.

- KKJ Paper furoku item: small paper box with kimono artwork

- KKJ electronic transformation item: Once again, the batteries have gone since I purchased the item. The batteries can be replaced, and I will replace them if the item is purchased. Item has been carefully removed from original packaging to look at item. The original packaging has been slightly poor since I bought it. The card is a bit sun faded and worn. However these are very old items, and the item itself is in great condition.

- KKJ furoku paper frisbee item

- KKJ yellow plastic cup

- KKJ yellow watch wristband

- KKJ mini cd single: Haruka and Haruka instrumental with original stickered plastic sleeve. ON HOLD

- Time Stranger Kyoko furoku Fairy Note

- KKJ furoku poster ON HOLD


- KKJ furoku notebook

- KKJ tarot cards in box ON HOLD

- KKJ mug, includes original box.

- KKJ furoku item bendy straw: in original wrapper, which has bee carefully opened to look at the item

- KKJ 'colorform' figure: Small cardboard standee with changeable outfits. Includes all original outfits and accessories, as well as original packaging.

- KKJ mini perfume set

- KKJ zenin wallet: This item was used, but is still in good condition, though it is missing keychain it came with.

- KKJ coloring book

- KKJ mini paper trading cards in binder (Not sure of this items licensing either)

- KKJ furoku illustrated address cards

- KKJ notepaper

- KKJ sticker strip

- KKJ seal set

- Gentleman's Alliance furoku CD file (small plactic folder holder for Cds)

- Gentleman's Alliance furoku planner for 2005


Items in photo:

- Full Moon Pillow and cup set, with original box packaging SOLD

- Full Moon small paper furoku box items

- Full Moon tissues

- Full Moon furoku photo album

- Full moon shitajiki/pencil board

- Full Moon metallic notebook

- Full Moon small bento box

- Full Moon water bottle cap mascots (come with water bottle holder bags in another picture) SOLD

- Full Moon zenin alarm clock whith character voices for alarm. batteries have stopped working but can be replaced, and I will replace them if the item is purchased.

- Full moon multi tier paper furoku octagonal box

- Full Moon Zenin beauty bag with washcloth and nail polish

- Full Moon paper furoku CD holder

-Full Moon furoku sticker sheet


Items in photo:

- Full Moon small furoku notebook

- Full Moon furoku sticker seals

- Full Moon keychain: Very rare item i believe you could only get through a Ribon festival

- Full Moon letter set

- Full Moon dolls:
~Full Moon
Both come with original boxes and have no missing parts.

- Full Moon furoku platic paper clips

- Full Moon furoku pencil case SOLD

- Full Moon water bottle bag holder: pink

- Full moon hand held square pocket compact mirror box with hair accessories SOLD

- Full Moon plastic furoku bag

- Full Moon playing cards

-Full Moon small tin with takuto keychain

-Full Moon zenin wallet: Fair condition, this item was used and there is some wear and Damage inside.  SOLD


-Full Moon plastic file SOLD

-Full Moon large plastic drawstring bag


-Full Moon zenin bag: Strap was damaged during a fabric cutting mishpa, and I sliced right through part of the fabric handle.


-Full Moon zenin bag: This bag however is fine, and there are two Full Moon phone straps on it that did not come with it. i cannot for the life of me remember what they came with.

I also have other items I am sure I have forgotten about or did not photograph.

I know I have a small KKJ cork board, A KKJ production sketch, the KKJ zenin long wallscroll, and another sheet of Full Moon seals as well.

I also have some KKJ and Full Moon plushies I *might* part with if I am convinced to do so.

As mentioned before, I will gladly take additional photos for anyone interested, and answer any questions. I'd just really like to offer these items to you guys first before I put them on eBay so that they can go to a good home.

Please keep in mind when making offers that these items are nearly impossible to find now, are are quite old. So serious offers only please.

I guess thats it! So please feel free to shoot me offers.


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