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Looking for: Sakura Hime/KKJ/MF/TSK posters, furoku

Looking for Arina Tanemura posters, color pages etc. from issues of Ribon, furoku, zen-in, artbooks...from the above and below series...Especially looking for the Sakura Hime Art Book!
(Sakura Hime, Mistress Fortune, Time Stranger Kyoko, Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne)
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You can find the Art Of Sakura Hime or "PAINT Ribon art of Tanemura Arina" here: Ebay
If language doesn't matter to you/if you can't read Japanese anyway and just want the artbooks for the pretty art (since there isn't much text anyway) ALL of Arina Tanemura's artbooks have been translated into German. You can order them online for reasonable prices (ranging 13€-20€) since they are not out of print yet.
Egmont Manga & Anime has published the KKJ and Fullmoon ones, the SDC and Paint one are available from TokyoPop Germany.
How does some one in the US order from TP-Germany...? I have the Japanese KKJ one but I need the Paint one...
TokyoPop Germany has a webshop and carries it, but I don't know how you can order without knowing German, I searched for it but I don't think you can set those pages in English.

HOWEVER, now that you know the German title, you could browse ebay for it. I already found this one:

Hope it helps.

I'm selling furoku/zenin from Tanemura Arina's works on my page here!
In case you're still looking for it :)

I may also have furoku in cardboard but not sure if you're interested... I have one small cardboard "box" from KKJ.